Discipline Policy

The Garden Patch Creative Learning Center’s philosophy of disciple focuses on communication. Consistent, clear rules are developed with children. These rules are discussed often in order to make sure the children understand them.

The staff uses positive approaches to help children behave constructively. Among the guidance methods are redirection, planning ahead to prevent problems, encouragement of appropriate behavior, and the application of logical or natural consequences to problem situations.

Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings and ideas rather than using physical force in solving problems. Teachers help the children to recognize another child’s feelings and will intervene immediately if another child becomes physical.

If a problem behavior persists, the parent/guardian of a child will be contacted. They will be asked to work with the staff and director as a team to develop, carry out, and support a plan focused on helping the child behave more constructively.

If, despite these combined efforts, a behavioral problem continues that causes a child to be a danger to himself or others (including staff) and/or consistently requires the attention of staff beyond those assigned to the child’s class, The Garden Patch Creative Learning Center reserves the right to discontinue services.