Rights and Responsibilities


  1. To know all aspects of the program.
  2. To know all about your child’s experiences in the program.
  3. To feel welcome to visit or observe.
  4. To feel free to ask questions.An assurance that your beliefs, concerns, and values are sought out and respected.
  5. An assurance of complete confidentiality on all matters involving the welfare of your child and family.


  1. To read handbook and parent agreements and follow all policies.
  2. To read all notices that are sent home with your child.
  3. To keep all important information current- addresses, medical exams, etc., and to respond to requests for information from staff.
  4. To respect staff as professionals who work with you to provide quality childcare.

The Garden Patch Creative Learning Center Aims To

  1. Promote all aspects of development–social, emotional, perceptual, motor, language, and intellectual–in a loving, nurturing environment.
  2. Allow each child to develop his or her unique individual talents.
  3. Develop a foundation that promotes success in later schooling.
  4. Be free of discrimination or prejudice.
  5. Be a wonderful place for being a child.

Working together we can accomplish this goal!